Skinny Ambrosia Fruit Salad

Hallo friend HEAVEN FOOD, On this occasion I will share the recipe very tasty cuisine, I've provided recipes complete with cooking from scratch how to make it to the end of cooking. Hopefully the contents of postings Cookbook that I write this you can understand. This, he'll cooking recipes Skinny Ambrosia Fruit Salad

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This is my favorite salad. I added strawberry cool whip to a vanilla yogurt and a half a bag of mini marshmallows ! My family loved it!


    1 (20 oz.) can pineapple chunks, drained
    2 c. green grapes
    1 c. strawberries, quartered
    1 c. blueberries
    1 can mandarin oranges, drained
    1 c. plain Greek yogurt
    2 Tbsp. Truvia® Sugar Blend
    ¼ tsp. vanilla


    Combine fruits in a large bowl and mix gently, being careful not to crush mandarin oranges.
    In a separate bowl, combine Greek yogurt, Truvia® Sugar Blend, and vanilla and mix well.
    Gently fold Greek yogurt sauce into fruit salad.