How to make hard candy jewels

Hallo friend HEAVEN FOOD, On this occasion I will share the recipe very tasty cuisine, I've provided recipes complete with cooking from scratch how to make it to the end of cooking. Hopefully the contents of postings Cookbook that I write this you can understand. This, he'll cooking recipes How to make hard candy jewels

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I tried hard candy this morning – first go ever! I had your instructions printed out and near me and followed step by step. They came out SOOO great! Could not be happier!! Well I could have added more flavour but they still taste great. If i sprayed too much oil could this create bubbles in the candy? I think i did that in a few. But I still am still super happy how well they came out ;)


    2 cups granulated white sugar
    2/3 cup light corn syrup
    3/4 cup water
    food coloring as desired (I used 20 drops)
    1 tsp (1 dram) of candy flavoring oil (optional)

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